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Participants and families, I hope you find much value and enjoyment in viewing and using the images produced and provided by me, including through website.  You may download any or all images to have (forever), to print and/or post with no restriction by me. In any case, show consideration for promoting yourselves, each other, your organization involved here and good will, in general.

The facility provided within this website for purchasing prints of photos you select is purely for your convenience of obtaining prints.  The printing company is completely independent from me and I gain nothing from you using that service.   Or it might be more convenient for you to print yourself from the downloaded image either with a printer you own or a service such as Walgreens or Target.   (I can easily turn off that facility if anyone suggests I do that to avoid misinterpretation.)  

I have much experience with printing and framing but do not have ample time to handle this activity as constantly and for numerous prints.   Aside from that, adjustments to the original images I can do upon request and also special print requests.   Printing can be complex to achieve a desired result, including size, aspect ratio and quality of appearance, including contrast, saturation, sharpening and also type of paper used. 

All images here are smaller size (in many cases very much smaller) than the original.  Smaller size is better  for speed of upload and download.  Printing of 4x6" is easily handled in all cases, though.    From my standard 300 dpi processing you can calculate the dimensions of ideal printing for any of the images.

Please feel free to send me a message if you have an inquiry or feedback.

Dean Neuburger

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